High Vibrational Living


Shannon Sondrol

Have you ever walked into a room or store and had the feeling of peace and calm right when you walked through the door and you just wanted to stay in that space for awhile? 

OR can you remember a place that felt heavy and dark to you, possibly leaving you feeling drained or depleted of energy and you couldn’t wait to leave?

This is the energy of a space you are feeling. This energy vibrates at different frequencies and for simplicity reasons here, we will stick with “high” or “low” frequency. 

Energy is all around us. There is no empty space here. Food has energy. Our bodies are energy. Every space or place we are in has energy. And that energy has a certain vibrational frequency. 

High vibrational energy within our body feels light. It feels like we are thriving and vibrant and full of life! We are passionate about what we are doing and wake up with a spark and zest for life. 

It includes feelings and emotions such as happiness, joy, peace, love and laughter.  

This is where we can live MOST of our life if we SO choose to! 

Low vibrational energy feels heavy. It feels like we are weighed down, depressed, lacking energy and vitality. It’s as if we are surviving but not really thriving in our life. 

It includes feelings and emotions such as anger, hate, sadness, jealousy and fear. 

It is absolutely normal to experience this low vibrational state at times. HOWEVER, we can choose if we want to live in that space every day or not. 

We can make choices that are in alignment with higher vibrational living when we are well informed!

Another important thing to consider here is that EVERYTHING has energy and therefore a vibrational frequency. This frequency affects our vibrational frequency in our body whether we are aware of it or not. This includes food, spaces and places, things in our home, electronics, etc. For a moment, lets consider the vibration of some of these things and whether they raise or lower our vibration. 

For example, high vibrational food such as organic fruits and vegetables when consumed will raise the vibration in our body, leaving us feeling energized, light and having optimal clarity throughout the day.

Low vibrational food such as processed food or low quality meats, will leave us with a lower vibration meaning less vibrant, possibly tired and feeling lower vibrational emotions. 

The empowering thing here is that the choice is OURS! 

Also when we consider energy of a space, consider how certain spaces make you feel. Do you leave feeling energized and refreshed OR drained and weighed down? And how does your home feel? Is it your peaceful sanctuary or at least a room within your house IS, or is it filled with TV noise, electronics and clutter which would lower the vibration of the space? 

We can add things to our home or office spaces like essential oil diffusers, stones, water purifiers and Himalayan salt lamps that will raise the vibration of that space. 

Also playing high vibrational music within the space will raise the vibration.

I will also mention there are energy protection techniques we can use when we are going into a space of lower vibration or around someone who tends to deplete us or drain us of our energy or life force. There are tools and techniques to use to help maintain our high vibrational state and to maintain our energy. This is what I am so passionate about teaching others because it truly is a game changer when we use these tools every single day! 

When we understand that everything we encounter has vibration and that every choice we make either lowers or raises our vibration, then we are empowered to make the choices that align with the vibration we choose to live at. 

As Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. “

There is a lot to learn on energy and vibration. But I truly believe we can keep it simple and learn the basics of how it affects us and how we can use this knowledge in our favor in order to live in a high vibrational state as well as to manifest and attract what we desire into our lives. 

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