Moments to Memories


by Carrie Moore

What is a moment? We are told to savor every moment, but what about when that moment is full of pain or grief, a moment that seems like might never end? This past Monday was the anniversary of 9/11, a day that is forever recorded and etched in our memories. A moment that at one time seemed impossible to get through. At any given time we can be "having a moment" "enjoying the moment", "contemplating the next moment". Whatever moment you find yourself in, remember where you were 16 years ago and how many moments have come and gone since then, the good ones and the bad ones too. For it is this collection of moments that shapes us into the people we are today. People that have known love, loss, celebration and devastation.  These are just moments that will turn into memories if we let them.

-Carrie Moore
From PC Newsletter Sept. 14th

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