Is Mother Earth Making you Anxious?


by Carrie Moore


What’s in a number? The number 7.83 is actually the number associated with the earth’s heartbeat. Yes, the earth has a heartbeat or it’s own energy frequency. Since this measurement was first discovered in the 50’s, (known as Schumann’s Resonance for you fellow science nerds) it has measured at or around 7.83 Hz. This is the wavelength associated with the Alpha/Theta state of wakeful relaxation. In 2013 an interesting thing happened, the earth’s frequency almost doubled to 13Hz. This was the first time that such a jump had been seen until January of this year when it jumped to a whopping 32Hz. This frequency is in the Beta wavelength, Beta is where we humans spend most of our waking day, as it is associated with normal consciousness, a heightened state of alertness, logic and critical thinking. However, too much Beta and you may experience anxiety and insomnia. If you’ve noticed that you have been anxious or more keyed up this year, you might be feeling the effects of this higher resonance. The good news is the frequency seems to be getting ever closer to the Gamma wavelength. While the Gamma waves are the least known, they are associated with higher consciousness in humans. Some hypothesize that this energetic shift is part of an awakening that is occurring in order to raise our collective consciousness others think that it ismay be to blame for the feeling that time is going ever faster. Feel free to create your own hypothesis and share it with us.

If you would like to learn more about the Schumann Resonance and brain waves:

From PC Newsletter Sept. 28, 2017