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Psychic Spirit Readings

DROP-IN, 20 MIN. $25

Join Kathie for a psychic reading. Meet your spirit guide's contact those who have crossed over, ask about your future.
DROP-IN 20 mins for $25.


 Kathie Christine

Kathie Christine

About Kathie: Kathie has been working as a psychic reader for over 30 years. She first became curious about anything that was beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding, aroundthe age of 10. In her 30's Kathie attended some para-psychology classes at the local community college. During this class she learned to meditate and connect with her guides and angels. While initially signing-up for the class for her own personal benefit, it was at the urging of her spirit guides that Kathie decided to share her gift with the public. “I resisted, my guides were gently persistent, I finally gave in to their guidance. It’s such a beautiful part of my life, I don’t know why I resisted”.

Kathie believes that her intuitive work helps people heal and gives them peace through getting good information from their guides. “I do this because I feel that information is powerful for the person I am talking to.  I feel like the guidance received is practical,” she said, “The readings give them a deeper look into things, not just what is in the physical, it is a bigger view of things.  The information gives them direction and courage to make changes.”  Loving beings that assist her in a reading include: Angels, (Arch Angels and the client’s personal guardian Angel), and Spirit guides, (her and the clients). Additionally, the client's loved ones who have transitional into spirit may also show up. Their guidance is loving, informative, and, at times, humorous. Kathie does readings in person or on the phone.  

In her spare time Kathie ghost hunts with Colorado Shadow Investigations.  CSI does events and private investigations.

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