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Energy Yoga - Moving Meditation

Gargi teaches a form of moving mediation that incorporates sound frequencies, breath work, affirmations, Qigong, and yoga-based asana—utilizing many decompressing methods all at once. The result for her students is time to reflect, a place to let go of accumulated stress and tension, and an overall sense of being cleaned from the inside out. Gargi's main aim is to bring the parasympathetic nervous system into action, activating the rest and digest function, and turning off the production of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline.

About Gargi: Gargi has taught yoga internationally for over 10 years and uses her Indian heritage and methods of bringing mind and body together in the same authentic way yoga is practiced in India - without pomp or flair. The journey is with oneself - no comparison or competition in this class! All ages and levels are welcome if your aim is to fully decompress, increase flexibility (both of mind and body) and truly tune into the wisdom, and energy, of your body.

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