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A Course in Miracles

6 Classes Cost: $185, Early Bird $147
Every Monday from April 3rd-May 8th

In your time together, Melanie will lead a basic study in the concepts from the Course in Miracles** and use Sedona Method Releasing* to let go of the blocks to being our best selves. If you’ve studied ACIM and have had difficulty living the principles, you will be excited to learn these easy techniques that create a beautiful bridge from where you are now to where you’d like to be. 

Course Outline:
The ego and separation
The way we see
I’m not the body (then what?)
Forgiveness and Guilt
Obstacles to Peace
A New Beginning

About Melanie Smithson, MA, LPC, BC-DMT, CHt

Melanie is the author of the award-winning book, Stress Free in 30 Seconds: A Slightly Irreverent Approach to Navigating Life’s Challenges and co-owner of Smithson Clinic, Inc. with her husband, Gail in Lakewood, Colorado, where they live with their supreme playmate, the four-legged Beatrice. Dragged to her first dance class at the edge of four, the power of movement and wisdom of the body is in her bones. Traditional and non-traditional trainings have bestowed upon her the titles of Licensed Professional Counselor, Board Certified Dance Movement Therapist, Certified Sedona Method Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist and Master of Arts. Melanie brings a sense of humor about herself and life into presentations. She teaches how to use the body as an ally, how play and movement inform and transform, and how letting go supports having.

*The Sedona Method is a technique that shows you how to let go of any painful or unwanted feeling in the moment.  By releasing wanting, which affirms lack and keeps us from having, we can allow for more positive experiences in our lives.

**ACIM is a spiritual path (not a religion) and teaches that love is all that you are and that miracles naturally occur when aligned with love (in a very brief nutshell).