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An Introduction to EFT/Tapping

Cost: $40


Discover how to use EFT Tapping, a combination of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology, to improve your health, relationships, level of happiness and so much more.

Here is your chance to experience EFT first hand and learn how to tap on the things that hold you back, that cause fear, or old business you simply wish to let go of. This experiential evening will include:

  • background knowledge on tapping including where and why it is used
  • two group tapping sessions
  • an exercise to help you get closer to your truths
  • learn "how to" create your own unique tapping script.
  • summary handout covering key "take away" points, and allows space for you to capture your own personal revelations, and tapping "language" that you can continue to use
 Gargi Agarwala

Gargi Agarwala

Our teacher and guide for the evening is Gargi Agarwala. Published author, yoga/meditation teacher, and life coach. Gargi uses tapping as one of her key modalities to help her private and corporate clients overcome what holds them back. Tapping allows fears and emotions to be first seen, then let go of, and finally gives voice to a new internal dialogue which supports empowered choices and an improved reality.

What Others are saying about Tapping with Gargi:

"I was able to move past my anxiety of taking exams, and finally access my knowledge instead of being stuck in my fear".

" I feel like a weight has been lifted after years of buying into others beliefs about me -- the tapping script saves me from drowning in my negative self talk when my old "demons" show up.

Tapping let's you see your "problem" for what it really is -- and in my case it was just a "choice". I never realized I actually have the ability to choose.

We're not saying it will change your life, BUT it might...

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