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Meet-Up ~ Mindful Entrepreneurs

Cost: FREE

Join us if you'd like to meet and socialize with totally chill, mindful and caring entrepreneurs that are passionate about what they do or in the process of getting started. 

Monthly meetings will cover a particular topic or activity. We'll start most of our meet-ups with a brief 5 minute focus-meditation, then move on to what's planned. 

Topics will include: mindfulness and work, family, society; interviews and Q&As with local leaders; presentations, and more!


Jacqueline brings over 20 years of senior level corporate management, training and consulting experience.  She is the founder of Pillars of Success, an organization dedicated to consulting and leading employees and employers to a deeper understanding of what prompts them to be who they are and make the changes necessary to be who they want to be. 

Sound like a fairy tale?   Heard this before?  What am I talking about?  

Come by and be a part of what is sure to be of our more engaging meet-ups yet!  

Jacqueline has worked with Joe Dispenza and successfully incorporated much of his best selling book, "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself", into her corporate consulting practice.  

Here's the jist: 
• Recognize negative behavior based on emotional patterns repeated time and time again
• See how they affect your view of yourself and the world around you  
• Understand how they continue to affect what you see in the world around you
• Learn how to change and align your behavior to match what you would prefer to see in yourself and the world around you

With cognitive and neuroscience to back it up: emotional intelligence, meditation, visualization and intention are very powerful tools that should be a must to develop and strengthen in your life.


 Jacqueline Barnett

Jacqueline Barnett

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