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Prevent & Heal Breast Cancer Naturally

Cost: $45 or two tickets for $60

A Self-Empowering Women’s Workshop with Karen Korona, M.S.

Have you heard of the "healthy sick person" syndrome?
You eat healthy foods, do yoga yet get a positive diagnosis. You wonder how you could possibly be struck with breast cancer. It can happen to any woman.

Learn why and change it now!

If you have a cancer diagnosis or want to keep cancer away this workshop is for you! Get the tools and support you need to prevent and overcome breast and gynecologic cancers.

You will learn:

  • Holistic Tips to prevent and beat breast and women cancers naturally
  • Foods and Supplements that kill cancer, boost immunity and build vitality
  • Mind-Body Methods to tap into your own innate healing power
  • Meditation Techniques to de-stress, overcome fear and heal
  • Discover how the body can keep itself healthy and prevent disease
  • Delicious healthy teas and snacks will be served!
  • Hear stories from women who have healed naturally!
 Karen Korona

Karen Korona