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RESCHEDULED Psychic Readings & Animal Communication with Lauryn

Cost: $25/ 25 mins. DROP-IN

 Lauryn Guerrieri

Lauryn Guerrieri

Introducing Lauryn Guerrieri to the Peace Cellar community. Lauryn starts her readings by first talking about your goals and questions. After taking a moment to connect with you, she will use a variety of her psychic tools to answer tune into your questions. Lauryn can answer any question intuitively, whether it be finances or relationships, spirit guides or communicating with passed loved ones. She speaks to your spiritual helpers to give you information for your highest and best good. She gives you a chance to ask questions and usually dialogues back and forth to provide clarity. For animal readings, Lauryn can facilitate a conversation between you and your pet. Animal Communication can be used to eliminate unwanted behaviors or check in with your pet's emotions or medical problems. When the readings is done, Lauryn disconnects, clears the energy and debriefs with you. Lauryn's goal is to leave you with new insight and a better understanding of your own intuition.

Bio: Lauryn graduated from and coached at the Aspen Program for Psychic Development in 2014 with certifications in Psychic Studies, Mediumship, and as a Medical Intuitive. She is a certified Animal Communicator and certified Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. In 2016, she incorporated Shamanic Practices into her work from workshops she completed with Renna Shesso (FSS Certified Practitioner). She is also an intuitive coach, currently creating an video courses to help others strengthen their psychic intuition. Learn More about Lauryn Here