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 PGS Movie Screening at the Peace Cellar
6:30 PM18:30

PGS Movie Screening at the Peace Cellar

Cost: $5
(minimum of 10 people needed)

Join us for our first Movie Night at the Peace Cellar. We are excited to share this film with all of you.
Popcorn and refreshments and post-movie discussion are included.

What is PGS all about? This movie is an in-depth look at intuition...
1. Is it real?
2. What does science say?
3. How can we use it to better our lives?
This movie will really open your eyes to a new way of looking at this innate gift.


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10:00 AM10:00

First Sunday Sound Bath July

Cost: $15

Relax and rejuvenate while soaking in the healing sounds of singing bowls, gong, and chimes. The sound and vibrations are known to alleviate stress and anxiety, release toxins and promote healing and better sleep. Bring pillows, blankets, or sit and soak in the peace.

Judy with Bowls.jpg

Led by Judy Thurman: Judy’s studies began approximately 15 years ago when my body was literally aching for a healthier lifestyle.  Her training includes: A 4 year Medical/Clinical program at The School of Qigong Studies as well as a certification in Vibrational Sound Therapy. 

 She graduated with excellence in the following: Physical and Energetic anatomy, Qigong Movement, and Chi Nutrition. 

A transplant from Montana, I had a private practice and office in Big Fork as well as worked and volunteered at Kalispell Regional Hospital Medical Fitness Center.  I have also participated as a guest panel speaker for the American Heart Association.  I'm humbled to be featured in the Montana Health Journal for my Qigong work in the Flathead Valley. Her hobbies include: volunteering in the community (sound baths, and qigong movement) as well as laughing with her husband, two children and adorable shelter pups.

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Soulful Sunday with Author Arielle Coree
1:30 PM13:30

Soulful Sunday with Author Arielle Coree

Cost: $15 Includes Book

JoIn us for Soulful Sundays at the Peace Cellar.
We are kicking off this series with speaker and author Arielle Coree. Arielle will talk about her inspiring journey which led her to write Soulful Words for the Healing Heart. She will be signing copies of her book immediately after the talk.

About Arielle Coree:
Arielle is a podcast creator, inspirational speaker, intuitive mentor and international best selling author. She is a mountain loving soul who resides in Denver, Colorado and has a deep passion for inspiring, empowering and healing others. From a very young age, she felt the stir in her heart to change the world but not just any world - the female world. Through her life experiences she has created online courses, intuitive services, communities and mentorship programs that help women re-discover their authenticity, confidence, identity and personal power. She believes we are all on this journey of life and each one of us deserves to break free from the shadows of our past so we can rise, bloom and thrive as a community of female warriors.

Listen to Arielle’s podcast "Soul Moments With Arielle Coree" wherever you get your podcasts. Find her on Instagram via @arielleandtheearth and get started working with her over at

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Final Friday | Facial Reflexology
5:00 PM17:00

Final Friday | Facial Reflexology


Cost: $15 (pay in person)
FREE FOOD & WINE (for those 21+)

Join us for the first Final Friday of 2019!!
Enjoy a 15 minute Facial Reflexology Treatment that is so relaxing that it takes you to another world. Facial Reflexology deeply activates the Autonomic Nervous System which allows your body to relax, heal deeply, and regenerate. Deep relaxation results in better health, more beautiful skin, and a generalized feeling of well-being. Be the first of your friends to experience this divine treatment. 


Meet Jackie Van Ruler
Jackie spent the first part of her career as a nurse but become disenchanted with the lack of CARE in healthcare. She knew that there much be a better way to improve health than handing out medications. She then went into esthetics but quickly became disenchanted with the idea that expensive products or painful procedures were the way to beautiful skin. Her passions and love of the body all came together when she discovered Facial Reflexology as a way to bring balance to the body and improve health and beauty through love and nurturing. LEARN MORE ABOUT JACKIE

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