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Enneagram 101 | Body-Doing Center Types

Cost: $20

The Enneagram - It's like having a handbook for being a human! 

Are you ready to dive deep into self-awareness, uncovering your purpose, passions, and supportive pathways? Enneagram wisdom can feel magical when embraced, like receiving a handbook for being YOU!  It supports compassion and understanding, supporting you to be a better partner, parent, friend, co-worker, and human. Its teachings are based on ancient spiritual truths and modern typology science. Enneagram 101 will break the in-depth teachings into 12 classes, giving you time to practice and process.


01/17 History, symbolism, and invitations
03/21Head-Thinking Center Types
04/18 Heart-Feeling Center Types
05/16Body-Doing Center Types
06/20Triadic Groups - Object relations, Hornevians, and Harmonics 
07/183 Instincts 
08/15Understanding your shadow to allow your light to shine
09/199 levels of Development
10/174-Friends - Movement and Pathways for Empowerment
11/14 -  Choices Map

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About the Instructor:
Nancy Markow is the founder of Connecting You with YourSelf in Littleton.  She weaves together Yoga, Meditation, Enneagram, Spirituality and Metaphysics to illuminate the importance of a loving relationship with Self.  Her intentionally diverse 20+ years of Enneagram and other studies, support the personal and creative approaches she shares.   
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