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Feng Shui for the New Year

Cost: $36

Come Celebrate the 2019 Chinese New Year "The Year of The Gold Pig" .

In this fun class we will be discussing 2019 astrology predictions for the  Chinese New Year!  We will go over Feng Shui, The 5 Elements, Astrology, and how this effects you personally. Everyone has psychic or intuitive abilities, and I will be teaching how to tap into them through feng shui,  meditation, and the old Chinese ways.

  • We will go over Astrology Predictions for the upcoming 2019 year "Year of The of the Gold Pig"

  • Learn the Old Chinese ways how Feng Shui & Meditation is used to tap into these intuitive & psychic abilities 

  • We will go over the yin and yang energies 

  • You will learn your element: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth or Metal

  • You will learn about numerology for your home or business

 What does this Chinese New Year hold for you?  Come and Join me for this enlightening  & Fun Class! 


About the Instructor Tiffany Meredith
I'm an intuitive, teacher & designer.
A person who truly wants to help people live their life purpose. I believe it is important to come from your heart on whatever you do!
I believe everything is energy and with aligning with these energies you can live a happier, healthier life! I am also what you would call an Empath, Clairsentience (clear feeling intuitive) it is the ability to feel strongly and sense the emotions and feelings of people, places,  homes, & environments. I studied eastern energies, meditation/chi and guided movements from the Sin See Center for the last 18 years. I have worked under ascended masters Kwan Yin and Wong Loh Sin See through the Sin See Center. I am a certified Feng Shui professional, astrologer, along with a Reiki practitioner. I created Zen Shui Designs to help people improve their lives by changing the energy in their living and working spaces.
Learn more about Tiffany at

"The Boar's Tale"
The Boar is often translated as the pig, a strong animal known for his intelligence. A Classic Chinese tale tells of a smart pig who refused to work for the farmer who owned him. All the other animals labored: Ox plowed the field, Cat chased away the Rat, Horse pulled a cart, Monkey carried the farmers son to school on his back, Rooster crowed at dawn and Hen produced eggs, and Dog kept guard. But Pig just ate and slept -- ate and slept. Pig even complained about the quality of his food. Pig realized that he would have food whether he worked or not, so why bother to contribute? When Pig least expected it, the farmer sold him and his life of contentment ended. In this way, smart pig defeated himself through his own cleverness. 

Come and Join me for this enlighting & Fun Class! 

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