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Hand Analysis Readings with Angie

$25 | 15 min. Reading

Angie of Life Purpose Pathfinder will introduce you to the art of modern hand analysis. Your hands tell a story, your story! Angie is passionate about helping people unlock their life purpose, gifts and path to their greatest joy as an IIHA Certified Hand Analyst. By helping people discover their Life Purpose from their fingerprints they are able to begin down a path toward deep joy and fulfillment. She helps them discover the biggest challenges, patterns and blocks that have been holding them back and how they can work with those difficulties to turn them into their greatest strengths. Angie uses the Akashic Records during her readings as an additional tool to help her understand people's challenges from their soul's perspective so they can heal their patterns at a deep level.



Angie is passionate about helping people who are feeling unfulfilled and are looking for that next step to unlock their soul's desires because she's been there.  She helps people who are searching for deeper meaning begin down their joyful path of purpose and fulfillment.

Angie is certified in IIHA Hand Analysis, Energy Medicine and Reiki. After working with many wonderful mentors Angie created her own system for Intuitive coaching called "Intuitive Transformational Healing."  In this powerful method for growth and transformation Angie uses Hand Analysis, Akashic Records, guides, channeling and her clairvoyant abilities. Learn more about Angie