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Interactive Group Gallery Reading

Tickets: $69/2 for $130


Enjoy a special and unique evening with loved ones in the Spirit World as Heather brings through evidence, personalities, and more from passed loved ones. Deceased friends, pets, family members, neighbors and more could come through to say a special hello from Heaven, or deliver a message to you for healing and closure. As a former therapist, Heather has an uncanny ability to encourage those in spirit to acknowledge or address unfinished business with their living loved ones.
In this intimate gallery readings event, NO ONE will be left out!
A defining feature of this special gallery readings event is that everyone in attendance has an opportunity to connect with a loved one OR in the latter portion of the program, ask Heather a question about an Afterlife/spirit related topic, or for psychic insight /guidance into a life issue or personal concern. Additionally, throughout the evening Heather will address/discuss topics regarding the afterlife as they come up–either from those in attendance or those attending in Spirit!
If you’ve been frustrated with larger audience readings events in the past that may have left you with more questions than answers, you will enjoy this more personalized experience. LIMITED SEATING!

**As with all Spirit work, Heather can make no guarantees as to who or what will come through.**

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a time to ask for assistance from Heather regarding significant emotional, psychological, medical, financial, or legal issues.Heather is not professionally qualified (licensed, certified)to provide specific answers or solutions to these issues. Should such a topic come up, Heather makes no claims as to the validity of her guidance around such topics, and by attending this event, you acknowledge you do not hold Heather responsible for any choices or decisions made as a result of attending this event or receiving insights from Heather
Event tickets are non-refundable and cannot be applied toward another event or private session. You are welcome to give your tickets to others if you cannot attend. Please notify us if your tickets will be under a different name from purchase.
A ticket purchase indicates you have read, acknowledge, and accept the above conditions.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Enjoy your experience!


About Heather

Heather M. Hunter is a naturally gifted evidential psychic medium using her abilities to bridge the gap between the physical world and the world of Spirit.

Heather’s passion is to bring forth evidential information and specific healing messages from loved ones in Spirit, validating that they forever remain a part of our lives, just in a different way.


A former therapist, Heather learned that the other side is every bit as eager to connect with us as we are with them, and that just like us, those in spirit often desire to heal emotional wounds and gain closure for their growth and peace on the other side.  Heather brings to her readings a high level of compassion and integrity and encourages those in the spirit realm to bring forth what is most needed for the healing and personal growth of their living loved ones, as well as the spirits themselves. She is loved by individuals and audiences for her down-to-earth demeanor and candor, and her ability to lighten the often heavy subject of death with just the right dose of humor. 

Heather’s readings and events contain stories of joy, humor, forgiveness, growth, and healing from the other side, teaching those of us here what it truly means to live.