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Spiritual Readings with Janet

Drop In, 25 mins./$30 pay in person


Janet will encourage and support your journey to discover your wider purpose in life, focusing her unique sensitivity and her commitment to guide you toward the knowledge that will enable you to focus on your personal gifts and talents. She draws from a myriad of life experiences, studies and spiritual traditions imparting to her students the ongoing dance for their personal healing process.  Her work as a Teacher, Spiritual Advisor and Oracle are based on the Wisdom of Nature and Circle.  She is a talented Reiki Master, Traditional Naturopath and Energy Healer.

For these readings Janet will use her own Nature Deck. She says we have a constant relationship with nature: plants, minerals, elementals, water beings, etc. Each of these have unique talents for survival or ways to negotiate the environment.  Looking beyond our human condition or drama, nature becomes the guide.  What is the core of your question? What is the block or static?  What are the energetic influences? What is the best direction to take?