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Card Readings with Kevin Oakstreet

Cost: 30min/$30 60min/$50

Oracle and Tarot readings can help you get a better perspective on events or problems in your life that could threaten to throw you out of balance or into disharmony. The readings will enable you raise your awareness and see things more clearly, bringing knowledge hidden in your subconscious to the forefront.


About Kevin Oakstreet
The last few years have been of explosive personal and spiritual growth. I've always been aware of Eastern philosophy, medicine and the metaphysical yet never embraced it until just recently. I have seen how life and everything in it can be an analogy. This helps me see the connections of information and personal knowledge that play a role daily in my life and those around me. All I ask is that you bring your answers with you to a reading and I will illuminate them to understand what questions we need to ask ourselves to empower those answers.