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Seance of the Mind

Cost: $25

In the tradition of the Victorian séance comes an out-of-this-world hypnotic experience.

As you sit around a table by candlelight, you join hands, and enter deep into hypnosis, and soon enough begin to feel a presence from beyond…

Hypnosis isn’t just for comedy. While in hypnotic trance you open your intuitive mind, and many phenomena become possible…

Together, you will go on a metaphysical journey where you will contact your angels, the spirits of loved ones long past, explore a past life, and more…

Are you psychic? Or are you bringing out the power of your own unconscious mind? Find out when you join Reagan Master Hypnotist in Séance of the Mind.

All attendees should be open to experiencing hypnosis.

**A waiver must be signed before participating, and all attendees should be in good health, not have epilepsy, and not be pregnant.


Your host for the evening is hypnotist, Mark Reagan. Mark helps adults and teenagers get past test taking anxiety and become the best academic performers they can.

When he’s not helping people improve their academic performance, he’s putting on hilarious hypnosis shows and mysterious house parties. His articles have been read by thousands online on sites such as Tiny Buddha, Pick The Brain, Dumb Little Man, and more.

Mark is a certified hypnotist through the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy, and is a registered psychotherapist through the State of Colorado.

He’s a published short story writer, and he taught Salsa dancing in the Denver-Metro area for several years.

In his free time, he volunteers with Spellbinders to tell myths, legends, and folktales to elementary students. He lives in Denver, Colorado.

He is available for 1-on-1 sessions, keynote speeches, event entertainment, and interviews.
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