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Spirit Guide Readings with Simone

Drop-In | 20mins/$25

Simone channels information from her Spirit Guides to uncover life blockages. This helps shift perspective, and supports navigating current circumstances by providing greater clarity and direction. You will experience uplifting energy, beneficial wisdom, and insightful answers to your questions. 

What to expect: After Simone closes her eyes and has taken a moment to connect, her Spirit Guides usually open the reading by asking the client, “How may we be of service to you?” at which point, the client can then ask his/her question. Simone’s Guides frequently use metaphors which makes what they are saying more accessible and easier to understand. 


About Simone St. John
Throughout her life, Simone has been opening up herself to Source in order to create art, write fiction and perform as an actor on stage. Later she moved to more direct communication with Source when she began verbal channeling. Since then, she has channeled for a number of clients and regularly channels for herself. Simone migrated to the US from Barbados in the Caribbean at the age of seven, attended Milton Academy in Massachusetts and graduated from Harvard University with a B.A in the Comparative Study of Religion. 

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