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CANCELLED Intuitive Soul Healing Circle


Cost: $25

Join Danielle as she utilizes her divine intuition in an intimate group setting, the sacred circle. Where Danielle will facilitate a completely unique and powerful healing experience with the love and compassion only Danielle offers while channeling her spirit guides. 

Gathering together in a circle is a primordial human tradition. Coming into circle we are able to move outside our normal sense of space and time and into a sacred space. This space allows us to connect to a deeper wisdom within, to a power of love and community.

Circles are intended to support you individually as well as the collective of the group. Danielle's Spirit Guides bring in a HiVibrational healing energy that is in the highest good for all individuals in the circle. There is no accidents for who will gather together at this time. 


About Danielle Golie

Have you ever felt like there's more to experience in life? Danielle Golie believes that we are all here to live a life of joy, purpose and freedom while doing what we love. As a Registered Nurse, empathic intuitive and soul fulfillment guide she has been mentoring women and professionals since 2004, supporting them in gaining clarity of their unique gifts so they may align with what brings them joy and fulfillment. Danielle is passionate in sharing the secrets she has discovered during her own personal journey of soul fulfillment so that you too may experience a life of more joy, purpose and freedom.