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Winter Wellness for Holiday Stress

Cost: $25

Tis the season! The Holidays can bring so much joy and cheer into our lives. It’s also full of lots of holiday parties with indulgent food and extended family and friends. And with the cold and shortened days, can bring with it stress, depression and anxiety.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, these are all just symptoms that something’s out of balance. There’s a lot in our own power we can do to manage and reduce stress, enjoy the holiday season and stay happy and healthy.

 Join us as holistic nutritionist, herbalist and wellness advisor, Yvonne Matthews, discusses how nutrition, herbs, supplements and lifestyle can guide us in our eating habits during the holiday season without deprivation or weight gain, reduce and manage stress, keep your immune system healthy and so much more!

About your Instructor:

 Yvonne Matthews

Yvonne Matthews

Yvonne Matthews is a trained holistic nutritionist, herbalist & wellness advisor based in Denver, Colorado. She studied nutrition in Boulder, CO at Bauman College and herbs under mentors Rosemary Gladstar and Kristin Schuch. She is a NANP member and constantly continues to educate herself more, the most recent being a weekend seminar on functional endocrinology.

Yvonne believes that what we consume is a direct reflection of how we live our life and directly affects the state of our mind, body, and soul. Her desire is to share her knowledge in a simple and fun way so you can feel your best and enjoy life! She supports athletes at all levels with peak performance, women’s health including fertility and menstrual health, skin health, weight loss, addiction, blood sugar balance, hormone balance, and everyone  to shift & uplift! Learn More About Yvonne

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