Lovely space and beautiful staff - this is truly a gift to the community!



Why the Peace Cellar 2.0?
On the surface many of you may have thought of us as just a boutique or another cute gift shop but our main goal is to bring more bliss into the world. Well what exactly is Bliss you ask. Our favorite definition comes from Sean Meshorer, a contemporary spiritual teacher. He says, "Bliss is where happiness, meaning and truth converge." Not easy to find on a daily basis.  You may get five minutes of bliss from a cup of tea or from that yearly massage. We want to help you create more of those moments. We want our Peace Cellar to be your peace cellar, where you come to start your journey to daily bliss. New to meditation, great. Never tried yoga, no problem. Ready to try Kombucha? Feeling anxious or sad? We are here to help. We are your community for peace and wellness. Small things can bring great happiness and it is our hope that this happiness, will turn into peace for you and those around you.


3494 S Broadway@ OLD HAMPDEN
Downtown Englewood, Colorado