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Judy Thurman

I'm honored to meet you!  My name is Judy Thurman and I consider it a joy to share my Qigong and Sound Therapy practice with you.  My studies began approximately 15 years ago when my body was literally aching for a healthier lifestyle.  

My training includes: A 4 year Medical/Clinical program at The School of Qigong Studies as well as a certification in Vibrational Sound Therapy.  For continuing education, I am a 3rd year distant student at the Four Dragons Institute.  Trips to China are also a part of my studies. 

 I graduated with excellence in the following: Physical and Energetic anatomy, Qigong Movement, and Chi Nutrition. 

Other mandatory studies:  The Yellow Emperors Classic of Chinese Medicine, The Hua Hu Ching, The I Ching, Tao Teh Ching, and the 5 Element Theory of Chinese Medicine. 

A transplant from Montana, I had a private practice and office in Big Fork as well as worked and volunteered at Kalispell Regional Hospital Medical Fitness Center.  I have also participated as a guest panel speaker for the American Heart Association.  I'm humbled to be featured in the Montana Health Journal for my Qigong work in the Flathead Valley.

My hobbies include: volunteering in the community (sound baths, and qigong movement) as well as laughing with my husband, two children and my adorable shelter pups.   

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about my practice. I work with individuals, groups, and corporations.  I look forward to sharing what I've learned with those who wish to join me! 

*scholarships available for those that qualify*

p. 720-772-0394
e. Judyqigong@gmail.com 

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