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We chose to partner with Dr. Hauschka because their products are 100% certified natural, with high quality ingredients, no synthetics and NO animal testing. All products are free of synthetic fragrances, colors, dyes, parabens and pthalates. It is also a B certified company

Dr. Rudolf Hauschka's goal and founding mission, "to support the healing of humanity and the earth".

We are proud to offer both Dr. Hauschka products and facial treatments.


Facial Services Provided by Andrea


Andrea Tiffany is a wellness enthusiast who will be running the treatment component of the Peace Cellar.  With her background in Holistic Esthetics, Nutrition, and herbalism, she has found her true calling in helping to promote beauty from within using all that nature has to offer. 

Working with Dr Hauschka products in the treatment room supports her overall mission to address skin health from the Holistic Whole Body connection.  In the 2 Hour Dr. Hauschka Classic Treatment that all clients start with, you will dive deep into diet, lifestyle, lymphatic care as well as your customized holistic skin care routine. 

Are you looking for balance with your skin? Book with Andrea today!